About cattery


If you have a cat, you don't go into house - you go home. (Pam Brown) A love for cats lives in every person on the planet. If suddenly you hear the phrase" I don't like cats " - don't believe - this person just hadn't found his cat yet . But sooner or later the meeting will happen . And it does not matter an adult cat or a kitten, whether will it be found - on the street and saved from certain death, or bought in a cattery The main thing is - not to pass by YOUR cat . Our cattery is a large and friendly family. No, we don't all live together. Each have their own house , their own worries, their own life. But we are United by love to the most beautiful creatures in the world - CATS, and we have one goal - to give birth and to grow beautiful kittens that will bring happiness to your home. Only one breed lives in our cattery - our native and beloved Siberian. We started with color points or, more habitual, Neva masquerade. But soon we expecting a litter of kittens with traditional colors. We're not standing still. Together with our kittens we are growing and developing the cattery. Our goal is not only a variety of colors in beautiful and pedigree animals, our goal is to give the world gentle and communicative representatives of the breed, who will be able to find a great approach to any member of a family: be it a man, a child, a dog or other cat. Welcome to our website! Perhaps here you will meet a cute , fluffy creature that will bring joy to your home and your life.