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Are Siberian cats Hypoallergenic?

About Siberian cats
Most people believe that an allergic reaction is caused by the fur of our furry companions. However, the negative reaction of the human body is caused by the protein Fel D1, which is contained in the saliva, urine and skin cells of cats, and wool is only one of the ways to spread the smallest particles of allergen into the environment.

This protein is contained in much smaller amounts in the saliva of Siberian cats. For this reason, when a Siberian cat licks itself, the concentration of Fel D1 protein on its coat, and therefore in the air, is much less than in other breeds of cats (including Shorthair and hairless).

But is not true to say that Siberian cats are completely hypoallergenic because this protein is also contained in the urine and skin cells. They are the ones are the cause of allergic reaction. The choice of Siberian cats will help allergy sufferers with a weak reaction. At the same time a more thorough cleaning of the room is desirable, preferably with disinfectants. And washing of trays and using of litter for them is better to entrust a family member who does not have an allergic reaction to this protein.

The best option to find out if you are allergic to Siberian cats is to visit the cattery of Siberian cats. And it is good if you can spend some time in it – not just a minute – to make sure that the allergic reaction does not manifest.

In our practice there were many situations when the allergy was manifested and people unfortunately left us with nothing. But there were also those when the Siberian cats was suitable for allergy sufferers and they could easily get along with them.

Everything is purely individual. But if you love cats and want to buy a Siberian kitten – you just need to try.