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There are many disputes and disagreements regarding the placement of cats by catteries that have completed their breeding activities and have retired into a well-deserved retirement. By the way, the retirement age for cats can vary greatly. Very often these are young cats aged 2−3 years.

More than once I have heard the phrase: "Thrown away like waste material." But they are thrown out onto the street, into cold and hunger, into vagrancy and certain death… And breeders are looking for the best new homes for their pets —homes where they will find care, attention and love.

The Siberian cat is a fairly human-oriented breed. She needs attention and communication with a person. Therefore, every cat who has completed her career in a cattery deserves to find her own home, where she will become the only queen or king. A home where she will become someone’s true friend and companion, interlocutor or play partner. But the most important thing is that she will gain full communication with the person. And believe me, the Siberian cat knows how to appreciate this communication and attention to herself!

Adaptation of even an adult Siberian cat usually takes place quite quickly and painlessly. Although, of course, everything is individual  some people are already "as they were here" the next day, while others need a few days to stop being shy and feel at home…

Throughout the entire period of the cat’s getting used to the new home, we are in contact with the new owners at any time and always ready to answer any questions or help with advice. And in the future we are always happy to communicate with new families of our pets, we are glad to hear news about them and photographs.
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